Consumer Behavior Analytics

PYXIS is a tech-enabled consultancy that helps business decision makers better understand companies and industries by connecting the dots between billions of consumer data points.

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How Can Pyxis Help?

By leveraging proprietary algorithms and billions of consumer data points, PYXIS can assess companies’ market share, size opportunities for growth and develop ways to efficiently target new and existing customers. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Granular market share analysis: Uncover high ROI growth opportunities and remove the guesswork around competitive dynamics at the SKU level.
  2. Online market size estimates: Assess the size and growth rate of markets at the category or micro-category level, enabling the allocation of resources to the most valuable opportunities.
  3. Share of wallet analysis: Capture more revenue from existing customers by identifying their drivers of relative preference to shift purchases away from competitors.
  4. Consumer behavior based profiling: Inform product development, pricing, promotions and marketing strategy by analyzing specific consumers’ purchase patterns to understand their needs.
  5. Real-time monitoring of consumer preferences: Capitalize on new trends, enabling the efficient introduction of products or services carefully tailored to the latest hierarchy of ever-changing consumer demands.
  6. Optimized product pricing: Assess price elasticity at the product level, by analyzing the purchase volume of SKUs at varying price bands, to inform pricing strategies that optimize revenue.

What Data Forms the Foundation of Our Analysis?

  • 300m+ SKU-Level Amazon Transactions
  • 700m+ SKU-Level E-Retail Transactions
  • 1b+ Debit and Credit Card Transactions
  • 5b+ Consumer Store Visits

Founding Team

PYXIS was founded by ex-research analysts, consultants and data scientists with three-plus decades of experience using complex datasets to assess company fundamentals:

Max Lee | Co-CEO

Fore Research and Management, Hedge Fund, Portfolio Manager

HSBC, Investment Banking, Analyst

Northwestern University, BA

Ian Weber | Co-CEO

Fore Research and Management, Hedge Fund, Analyst

Sanford Bernstein, Equity Research, Vice President

FutureBrand Management Consulting, Consultant

Columbia University, MBA | University of Pennsylvania, BSE, BA

Jimmy Tang | CTO

Yelp, Software Developer, Tech Lead

Loxogon Business Intelligence and Analytics, Co-founder, Software Architect

Northwestern University, BA